Join us for 3 days of classes, workshops and seminars with some of the UK’s leading music tutors. We'll take you to the next level of confidence, skill and knowledge.





Fun Times!



Bluescamp 2020 will take place from
24th - 26th July at Tonbridge School, Kent.

The cost for the weekend is £698. This is inclusive of tutoring, accommodation, three daily meals and refreshments. Once you have paid there are no more costs, this is not "Ryanair". Just enjoy the weekend and the music. 

What do you want from this weekend? Do you want to learn the tricks of the trade, developing abilities in songwriting and performing? Do you want to learn from creative musicians and teachers using cutting-edge psychological techniques, whilst having a great time no matter what skill level you have? If so, Bluescamp is the place to be! 

However, if you want regimented traditional mapped out plans for the day with masses of scales, chords and modes that need to be learnt by rote and pieces that need to be studies fully before the event, we are not the place to be. We are more interested in the shortcut to learning things so if the above academic approach is more your bag we can point you in the right direction.

If you are a first time Bluescamper we can put you in touch with a first time attendee from last year and someone that has come along for the last ten years. This should give you a broad perspective of the course.

If you are interested in joining us for a weekend packed full of music, singing, laughter and learning, then do not delay and email us now to register your interest. For those of you who wish to attend during the daytime only and no need for accommodation and evening meal, there will be a discounted price. Please contact us on an individual basis to find out. 


BLUESCAMP FRANCE took place in June this year, what a fantastic week it was, so much so that we are nearly sold out for next year with only one or two places left. The week covers all genres of music and works on material that pushes all concerned. This results in a gig at a local venue. Dates are Sunday June 21 to Sunday June 28, 2020

Sunday 8th September - Sunday 15 September 2019

Whilst the weather is still hot, come and progress your music skills regardless of what instrument you play. One week of intense playing in a very relaxed atmosphere. It will also incorporate songwriting and recording. Please contact Chris for further information and costs

Located near Bordeaux close to the village of Garein this offiers sun ,sea and music for a week. For full information send us an email or go to and contact our man in France, Chris Penfold on 07702 342947. All bookings through this website.

Please contact us for more information on Bluescampuk and Bluescampfr