The Tutors

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Guitar & Vocals

Vic is known for his educational work with the guitar, and his research work into creativity in music. He is an international examiner for the Registry of Guitar Tutors and a prolific and versatile songwriter. Through nurturing new talent in his teaching and lectures, he has had a considerable influence on many up and coming musicians. Amongst his teaching methods is the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). His interest in the consciousness and creativity has led to the book Art of Practice and the CD Creativity and Health that deals with the areas of learning and the problems with education within society. Vic is a director of 440 Music Ltd, a company that teaches guitar to group classes.

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Grant is a founding member of the Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation and toured extensively in the UK and Europe. He recorded five albums with Nicky Moore and has appeared on BBC 1 Lakesiders and Paul Jones Radio 2 in session. The band was voted ‘Blues Band of the Year’ in 2000 by Radio 2 listeners. Grant has also written songs that have been played on Radio 2 and local radio stations. He has released his own CD Onwards and Upwards and continues to write and perform. Grant teaches guitar and bass at various schools in Kent, coaches Rock school groups and works with children/adults with learning needs. Grant is also a director of 440 Music Ltd. 

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Voted British Blues Connection “Drummer of the Year” for five years running, Sam can regularly be seen drumming with Geoff Achison, Papa George Band and Empire State amongst others. In between all of this, Sam works with his own band, Station House. A versatile, creative and energetic player, Sam has toured Europe with the likes of Billy Ocean. His theatre engagements include the West End Production of 125th Street (2002-2003), The Blues Brothers (1997) UK Tour, Ain't Misbehavin, Blues In The Night and many more. TV & film credits include: Thats Life, Not the Nine O’Clock News and Ebony. Currently freelance, Sam continues to work in the UK and overseas, also running music workshops.


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At the age of five, Chris was playing piano. At eight, he had a music scholarship at King’s School Rochester and aged fifteen was playing in bands. He graduated with a degree in Music Technology and Performance and went on to teach music at schools in Essex and London. He now runs his own company Liaison Management, a music studio that manages bands and solo artists. Chris continues to play in many bands and has gigged at the Jazz Café in Camden and other well-known London venues. He has experience of putting on large musical events, recording live and in the studio and in encouraging others to pursue their own musical dreams and aspirations.

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Voice Coach

Tom started singing and playing instruments from a very early age. He began exercising his vocal talents with Rochester Cathedral Choir, which paved the way to his singing career. As well as a talented singer, Tom is a prolific writer of music. He has a busy music teaching practice in schools as well as giving private tuition. Tom also finds time to gig in the duo Da Capo, who's more memorable gigs include a fundraising event at the Hazlitt theatre in Maidstone with the "Cheeky Girls" as support (cheeky cheeky). 

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Drums, Guitar & any other instrument you care to mention

Joe is the latest addition to the Bluescamp tutors. His skills are invaluable over the weekend as he can play nearly any instrument you throw at him and he seems to do it with consummate ease. He also has great theoretical knowledge. His weakness is acquiring new instruments and we are surprised he can fit them all in his house.Joe plays drums in a band with Vic and Mike but his main love is the bass guitar which he plays in numerous other groups.

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Mike has been involved with Bluescamp since it's inception in 2007. His main role is that of organizing the event and all the administration that goes with it whilst still finding time to play and teach guitar. Looking after the tutors is like herding cats sometimes so he has his work cut out in maintaining some sense of order (drummers are the worst!). Mike's second in command is Alan who keeps a constant stream of caffeine flowing throughout the weekend. Mike has been playing guitar in a band with Vic and Joe for the last 6 years.