Free to express

Free to express  
I was quite interested in something that happened on Facebook recently where a musician had posted up an item regarding a local music festival and complaining that they were encouraging bands to play for nothing.
The original statement was rather close to the wind and I think that the festival were within their rights to have sued over the way that the item was written. This post then morphed into a news item in the local press which then became an issue for the musicians union.
Obviously this particular musician felt very strongly about musicians playing for nothing and she was brave enough to get up and say something about it but what interested me was not the original item but something that followed later.
A couple of weeks later she puts up a post about people sending items about philosophical ideas, and other emotive points such as children with cancer etc. Obviously irritated by these posts she had a rant about that without seeing the irony regarding what she had only a while earlier had done herself.
We all have an axe to grind about something we all have our chosen beliefs and view points which to others may be annoying or weird but to us they are important and to make things happen with others we have to allow others as well as ourselves to be free to express those things especially on a social media platform, let's face it if you do not like it block the posts but don't expect others to listen to what you have to say.
The art of being a good communicator is not speaking so much but listening more that is how you build raport with another person. Allowing people to speak openly is better than not allowing people the freedom to express even if that is irritating at times. Three days of playing in a band learn the tricks of the trade