Brighton the place of creative thinkers?

A friend of mine visited Brighton the other Sunday and while his wife was attending a course he spent some time sitting on the beach and then wondering the lanes.

In the park near the Dome he found some buskers one of which was a young guy playing saxophone. My friend sat and listened for a while and then struck up a conversation with the guy, what interested him was this young musician apart from being a proficient player was from the ranks of what we might loosely term 'the counter culture' of which there are many members in the Brighton area.

I find that element makes this part of Sussex an interesting place to live because in the past few years I have moved a number of times and I have been very surprised that the social zeitgeist can be so different.

One of these places was Canterbury which I thought would be arty and open to lots of interesting types of thinking but it was actually still smothered with the stuffy Anglican high church thinking, a sort of middle class, middle of the road type of people and rather dull from an artistic point of view. There seemed to be no element of danger, they had a number of old rockers down there still doing their thing; I won’t mention names but if you live in the area you would know of whom I speak but Brighton is rather different with lots of creative types bending styles and doing new things.

The is an element of subversion here, if you wonder out from the lanes you will find yourself in the seedier parts beloved of Graham Greene. Even surrounding towns like the genteel looking Lewes can be deceiving. Lewes whose karma seems to be of social reform and upheaval (Simon de Montfort, Tom Payne et al) has one of the most wild bonfire ceremonies I have ever seen. Health and safety is kicked into touch for the night with people rolling and carrying flaming tar barrels around the street. The area of Brighton makes a great place for new bands, writers comedians, film makers and home to many alternative thinkers, gay activists, and political thinkers there is obviously something in the water.