If the king loves music, there is little wrong in the land- Mencius

How much is music valued in your land? Is it looked upon as an extra expensive something that little Jonny does as a hobby or is it looked upon as the life affirming healer that creates bonds through sound?

Music expands the right side of the brain that the formal education system seems to miss and in this age of the religion of science it also gives us a doorway into the creative world of the unconscious and the dreamtime which is the territory of the genius.

I value music highly because I do not think there is much to be gained by being boring and limited by the belief systems of the rational. The rational do not stretch themselves to create a better world that is done by the dreamers, the rational edit those dreams and then hopefully find a way of these things happening.

At the moment there seems to be resurgence in the arts but not through government funding but through people trying to enrich their lives.

Make sure that you ride that wave and make your teaching and playing relevant. We are moving in ‘interesting times’ and that as in the Chinese curse can mean all sorts of things both good and bad. We all need music to raise our spirits and even in this day and age of the religion of science and rationality we still need to realise that the unconscious works in a non rational way and it is the powerhouse of our mind.

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