A Good Time to Plan

It is nice to see the sun back this week and although we need the rain, snow and the icy wind it is still lovely to see the beginnings of spring.

It has been rather a long winter and I think the birds have found it difficult as well with a limited supply of berries from last year due to the weather.

When the weather gets better I tend to forget how bad the travelling is and I settle back into the groove of work whereas I was planning on lots of things when I was struggling with the early starts.

A couple of my friends who teach at schools as classroom teachers are leaving the profession because of the ridiculous pressure that they feel and coupled with that the ‘tick box’ mentality that has now resulted from an overbearing ofsted.

In their cases the weather does not play a part in the decisions because the pressure is on all of the time. Thankfully I really enjoy what I do but the continuous travelling is getting to me.

When continuous pressure is part of the scene we know that it creates extreme stress in people because they feel that they have no control. So I would suggest that ofsted will eventual destroy the fabric of teaching because simply the best teachers would have left the profession because the pressure for accountability has become more important than teaching.

Let me suggest an idea; think of something that you learnt at school that was for you a life changing lesson and I would guess that it was in a moment, something that really impacted you and more importantly something that was not scripted, planned or dare I say it evaluated, it was inspired in the moment, and for you it was life changing.

My point here is that lots of what we put up with in modern education is bullshit and is only something put together to satisfy the mentality of accountability. 

Now is now a good time to plan whist enjoying the better weather, we are here to live not to be a statistic of GDP.