‘Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.’ Rumi

Rumi’s quote is the idea of being in a neutral space, a disassociated state which is a powerful place to create.
Every neutral space leads us to opportunity some good, some bad and even within that space there is a neutral space like a dream within a dream. The interesting aspect is that as soon as we ‘think’ we can polarise that space.
Rumi the great poet and the mystic was one of the minds able to transcend time and humanness to reach the depth of consciousness and paradoxically the heights of expression open to all but only found by a few. He was able to express in a few words deep meaning in the areas of thought and reality of mind.
Exploring this in teaching and music we need to look at what we think of as right or wrong and suspend judgement. If someone comes to you with dyslexia realise that this is an advantage to them becoming a great musician, also expressing that to them and their parents if they are children will create a positive vibe which will aide their learning. I have often found guitarists with dyslexia are great improvisers.
If someone comes to you as a bright intellectual person suspend judgement and it will help you to discover the things that hold them back from learning how to express themselves. This is the problem for many adults.
True learning is so deep that it often does not make sense on the surface just as the surface of the sea creates an illusion hiding the life forms living beneath it.
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