In the house of lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of songs and the floor dances.- Rumi

That is a great house to live in!
We create our immediate world by how we think. This became very clear to me over the years because one’s mind set filters and creates the choices that we make.  If we are full of unhappiness our minds find those things for us as the genie says,’ yes master your wish is my command’ and we conjure something to fulfil our wishes of despair.
I believe it is about choices that we make based on our programming and that is why I think we need to be careful not to just go with the status quo. History proves that the status quo is often seriously lacking in common sense for one thing.
I have lived long enough to have lost a number of significant people in my life and I have realised that when you look back there are many things that were unsaid that should have been and if I had been truly in the moment I would have said how I happy I was to those close to me. Now I make a point of saying it because in my experience people are often taken by surprise and it makes their day better.
One of my joys is playing music with others and I often say how much I enjoy their playing and again they are often surprised because they do not hear that.
The secret of music is that it travels with you in your body and therefore even if you are alone it is your companion, the Greeks were right to say that the Muses brought music to you and that you could call on them to create and share your energy with them as long as you were generous in spirit to others. I do not share the modern idea that music is a set of rules; it is like saying that someone is a good carpenter because he has good tools, the tools help him but they are not the reason that he is a good carpenter. The rules of music help us but what is important is the love you put into it and it is a great way to build a house, with or without a carpenter.
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