After the next election the taxes will go up whoever gets in, no matter what they say when they are trying to get your vote.

So many of the structures of society such as politics and government, health and the education system is based on an industrial model; this model is outmoded and we need to rethink, however the situation is like the guy who driving his car through Cornwall asks a farmer how to get the Midlands to which the farmer answers, ‘Best not to start from here’.  We have trapped ourselves into a system that is expensive and dysfunctional and part of the problem is that within the political arena, the country is being governed by people that really are out of touch and therefore many of the dictates that are handed down from on high are misjudged and in many cases are divisive. How can the political classes many of whom have had an elitist education understand, maybe because they are experts! Certainly not experts in scratching a living and making ends meet.

No one likes to pay taxes and Benjamin Franklin said that the only fair and successful way to run a taxation system was to run a lottery. But our taxes are being used to prop up the banks and the armed forces in an attempt to carry on punching above our weight on the world stage, maybe it is time to step back and not get so involved, not so interesting to the politician who wants to make their mark in the sands of history. They need to remember they are sands not rocks

Maybe there is a song in this.

Vic  play in a band for three days