The daily grind

I am a shaman, come in guise of a comic, in order to heal perception by using stories and jokes, and always the voice of reason…..

If comedy is an escape from anything it is an escape from illusions. The comic, by using the voice of reason, reminds us of our True Reality, and in that moment of recognition, we laugh, and the reality of the daily grind is shown for what it really is – unreal – a joke. - Bill Hicks

Back in the 1960’s music was a force for change and it was again in the 1970’s with Punk and Two Tone. Today it seems that most people are rather tranced-out and things seem to be going along with no one seeing what is happening. More and more things are being taken away from ordinary people and being placed in the hands of big business and the authorities.

Take schooling for instance; they are now more like businesses than places to learn, with some schools running several others like some form of corporate takeover. This is bloody ridiculous but no one seems to think it is, surely schooling has some aspect of locality to it so how can a school from a different area take over and know the aspects of that school.

It seems that any comment made that would have been fine down the pub in a matter of fact way now being delivered on the internet can result in the authorities moving in, well I am suspicious of them as well. I have NEVER believed in the well-meaning nature of the police or the ruling class and this is from a white guy; I just wonder how I would have felt if I was black and I had lived in Brixton in my early years.

I think that music and humour still has and maybe has even more a role a play to prick the bubble of pomposity of the authorities of this country, the USA and Europe as they are not only manipulating and corrupt but also inept.

So Bill as in all things the true nature of things shows itself in time and the daily grind is still grinding on.