Time for change

Socrates was sitting outside the gates of Athens when a man comes up to him. The man says ‘I am thinking of moving to Athens; what is it like living here?’ Socrates looks up and asks him ‘I would gladly tell you but answer me one question; what is it like where you live now?
The man replied ‘Terrible! The people are back stabbers and thieves, I will be leaving no friends behind me only enemies’ Socrates frowned ‘Well you had best be on your way because you will only find the same thing here in Athens.’
Later a second man approached who was considering moving to Athens. Once again the philosopher asked him of his previous experience of his home town. The man smiled and said ‘Where I come from the people all work together and help each other. Kindness is everywhere and you are always treated with respect. ‘Welcome to Athens’, smiled Socrates, ‘you will find the same thing here.’
How we see the world and the people around us is all to do with our programming and our beliefs. When people come to me to learn music I often reach a point where they meet themselves on the road and that is their biggest obstacle. Their beliefs are the only thing holding them back. What people believe about their abilities and failings are the things that need to be looked at and the more education someone gets the worse they are.
These programmes that run are put in by others, family, teachers, friends and then the outside world think about it they were not even your own thoughts! Maybe it is time to get the programming you deserve; yours.
So start by changing what you believe; if it is negative and you find it ‘truthful’, remember all hypnotic programming seems truthful BECAUSE is it hypnotic; fake it and then give it time and see what happens, trust me things will change.
It is time to take control and let the rock star out.


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