Advertisers use magic... Now it is your turn

At the moment the people who are using shamanism and magic to shape our culture are advertisers rather than try to wake people up. Their shamanism is used as an opiate to tranquilise people to make people more malleable – Alan Moore

Language is power and the power contained in words is overlooked by us as simple communication but they are the tools of the marketer, the confidence trickster as well as the great orator and the artist.

Words have power because of the associations and memories that we lock into them and the dictators past and present understand that; but we have forgotten.

When teaching song writing I often get people to walk around the room saying words that are uplifting and happy and get others to watch their body language and then to do the same thing with distressing words and the effect is instant and very noticeable. Not only that the people doing the walking and talking will feel very different in the contrasting states.

It is possible to talk yourself into a depression because for you to process these words the brain will create the chemistry to do so, and likewise you make yourself feel euphoric.

Moore’s analogy of magic and the art of the advertiser was to draw ones attention to how far we have gone to allow ourselves to be enchanted by the sellers of objects  and also by the organisers of things such as education, the health ‘service’ or should that say the pharmaceutical companies. My point is that for you to open people up to be creative they need to see what has closed them down in the first place; then in order to take their power back they need to know how and who from. The how is by using language in your work and in your music and from whom? From all of those that have told you that you are not good enough or from those that said you cannot do this or have that because they are the ones who have it and own it.

Now go and listen to the political speeches from the parties left and right and feel out what it does to you. Does it liberate you? I think it is time to write a song and use the great skill and tool of the Bards; satire.