Grief and music

The work now is the willingness to propose grief as a radicle political alertness to life, that is not a drag, is not sad, that the power of grief deepens the capacity of being alive. It is the realisation that it is not going to last. Steven Jenkinson.

This guy is one of the most profound speakers that I have ever heard and he is dealing with the idea of grief. He worked with hundreds of people in the last days of their life dealing with their fears and thoughts and I find hear something very powerful.

Music is a way of exploring emotions that we would rather keep at a distance. However keeping emotions unrealised can lead to problems. This is an area that for some of us can be a good way of developing your work; people exploring their own ideas musically with some prospect of self-healing. The idea of music therapy is not new but I think that it is something worth considering even as a stress buster for professional people who would rather not go to a therapist.

I have always found music a potent force for dealing with life’s twists and turns and I know of a number of people who sight playing a musical instrument helping them not having another breakdown (their words not mine). The idea of exploring grief and maybe writing something of an experience and making something artistic and beautiful out of it is a positive way of transforming shadows into something very powerful. Think Leonard Cohen.