Trading with the exchange of energy

I live near Lewes in East Sussex and Lewes is a transition town, it has its own currency, the Lewes pound which can be traded just like pound sterling. Now you do not have to create your own currency but trading your skill with someone else without changing money is a good idea.
If we look at who we deal with there are many who have very useful skills and there are others who  would like to learn the guitar but they cannot afford it until you look at what they have to offer and then their skills become something that you trade with. Also you are honouring them either with what they have as a physical object or ability, this I find a very powerful bond between people.
So artists can trade their work, trades people their trade, skilled service people their services. As long as you have money to pay the bills you can expand your income indirectly by tapping into this way of thinking. I find this very important as it develops others self-esteem and what do you need to develop someone’s musical and artistic skills? You need to raise their self-esteem.
Have a look at the types of things that you need and see who you can bring into learning the instrument but trading their skills with you
Try it, it works!