We are much greater than we think that we are. Consciousness sees. Nicholas Mann

Let me ponder this week on the above phrase and play a little with it. Have you noticed that great artists, musicians and inventers often do their best work when they are young? This seems rather odd as we could all look at the development through experience would mean that our best work would happen AS WE GOT OLDER.

I have watched young children learning the guitar and noticed that when they are younger they will take on pieces that are too complicated for them but because that like them and they want to play the piece they can achieve amazing things. I think it is because they can fantasise themselves playing the music and this works on the deeper structure of the above quote.

We are limited by what we believe whatever that belief is so when you are young you have very little beliefs about yourself and therefore are not restricted but what you KNOW.

What we believe is very important because we limit ourselves to that, so if you believe that you are the best blues guitarist ever you will never be good at playing jazz and if you are the best Jazz guitarist ever you will never make any money as a rock musician and let’s face it you may not make any money as a jazz guitarist either, sorry it is an old joke.

My take on this is that we can make our own world by what we believe because believing creates the template for the mind and it will see what it believes. Therefore if you ARE a great musician great things will occur to you because they will not be screen out by the unconscious as being incompatible to you. Also if you believe that all things pass through you as if you are a conduit (which is a common theme with great artists) then you will open your mind to new things that seem not to come from you. I have seen this happen under hypnosis and it is quite something.

There was a story that I have quoted before about someone asking Richard Branson for a business idea to which Branson looked around and said ‘look at that outside heater. Find out who is making them and start selling them yourself’. This was a couple of years before the boom in patio heaters that swept the country; it wasn’t because they were not there it was only him who saw it and not the journalist.