Revenge is a dish best served cold

My first piano teacher told my parents I was "not teachable because I would only learn by ear/by listening." Today I received a call at school from this unnamed individual (unaware who I was) where we were offered a piano master class but only if they were grade three and above.  It seems that after nearly 15 years this teacher is completely unable to adapt their teaching style to suit students who learn in other ways. The fundamental issue I have with this is that actually a good teacher can teach ANYBODY and can harness their skills.  It felt good telling them that on the telephone.  It felt better telling them that I was the Head of Music at the school and they had told me that some years ago.  "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Tom Knight
Tom is a good friend of mine and I was lucky enough to teach him a number of years back. Over the years I watched his development as a singer, guitarist, keyboard player, drummer and bass player and probably a few other instruments as well, but for me this little story tells a deeper message about the Old School of thinking about music and many other things that have written off much of the talent that was inherent in children by people that quite frankly might be good players but are shit teachers and there are still many of these about but fortunately they are not as mainstream as they were.
There is an extraordinary arrogance and ignorance in the belief that skills like music and art come from an intellectual elite so for those who in the past were from a lower class and therefore did not have the breeding to play music, or did not have any formal training because they were unable to afford lessons you were disregarded. This may seem an extreme statement but I can remember a time when the guitar was not considered a ‘serious’ instrument and I had this said to me a few times; my revenge was sweet as I gradually stole pupils from them as they migrated to the guitar.
It has been shown here that the classical pianist who contacted Tom was so totally wrong in his estimation of the young Thomas not only is he now the head of music at a school but because he is such an awesome musician and this was due to his commitment and belief in himself and not due to the pretentions of someone else.

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