Foundations of Life.

We must go down to the very foundations of life, for merely superficial ordering of life that leaves its deepest needs unsatisfied is as ineffectual as if no attempt at order had ever been made. – I Ching
Ok a little deep but this week I am looking at levels of change which can happen with life events such as a divorce, loss of employment, ill health or death of someone close. Also deep levels of change can and do happen when you explore oneself through music and traditionally this was an excepted part of personal development.
One of the frustrating things for therapists who really want people to get better is that they find it difficult to create change in old habits and form new ones in their clients that would lead to the improvement and healing that they seek. It seems that even ways of living however destructive because they are familiar are better than the unknown however promising their adoption would be, therefore people carry on as normal.
The advantage with music is one can affect some sort of change without realising it especially adults whose whole development of musical skills might be wrapped up in letting go of negative programming built up over the years of educational brainwashing. Because it is not obvious what is going on by incorporating subtle changes of thinking whilst learning music, things that were believed before like the lack of musicality and creativity can be disproved and then lots of changes can happen.
If this was obvious to the ancient Chinese sages then it might be interesting to know how they affected change. We know that along with acupuncture, herbs and meditation, sound was part of the therapy.