Children of the world unite and play the guitar

There is a discouraging attitude from government being made towards the arts., this is coming from ministers within government who should know better. This behaviour should stop because the country has always been excellent at producing music and the arts which is on display to the whole world bringing in massive amounts of money but also contributing to the country’s soft power. It is way that the quality arts are very beneficial to the UK and may in some way lead to a more peaceful perspective of us from outside that is of importance but in a subtle way.

It is true that the arts often benefit greatly from difficult circumstances within society; think back to the drama and music of the post war period leading to the 1960’s and beyond each troubled era leading to great innovation in British artistic output. However what worries me is the damage that is caused by people in power making remarks that are disparaging, these are subtle and subliminal and they have a bullying tone of the nanny state.

What seems very evident to me in my teaching and training work is that artistic people require self-expression, if these things are not fulfilled in their lives it can lead to depression and unhappiness and therefore for many people the full and thorough use of arts in their life is absolutely essential in making them happy. The idea of someone becoming scientific irrespective of their inclination or whatever it is that the government is trying to do is quite frankly absurd; so pick up your instrument and play and don’t get fooled again.

Vic three days of playing in a band at whatever level you are we will take you further