Every part mixes with the whole.

‘Every part mixes to the whole, remove the lungs, liver and pancreas, whether or not you have a brain becomes irrelevant, remove the plants, the forests, the waters, whether or not you have scientists or opposable thumbs becomes irrelevant.’ Stephen Harrod Buhner

I find this quote just as relevant to do with music, education or music performance, the fact that the arts are crucial to the well-being of the society seems obvious to an artist however I do not think it is obvious in this society as a whole.

Societies driven by the greed of a few people within and the idea that business and the academic pursuit of knowledge in order to create wealth beyond everything else to the exclusion of the arts does very little to benefit society in the long term; it is killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

As musicians we need to tell a story instead of just looking at music as some sort of industrial process, we need to get to the heart and soul of what music really is, we should be telling the story of people-kind in such a way that integrates music back into its landscape.

We cannot operate in a vacuum whether we are teaching or playing as it does not give what we do any meaning and then it just becomes another job which kills the very reason why we became involved in the first place.

Make your music and the music of those that you inspire to have meaning and let the surroundings in which the music is set feed what you do first then let the money come from that, it is more rewarding and sustainable in the long term.


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