Men honour what lies within the sphere of their knowledge, but do not realize how dependent they are on what lies beyond it.

We have unleashed some form of Demon with the new technology. What appears to be a blessing in that you can record easily and provide much of the written material that you require to teach and create. You are also able to research music in ways that we were never able to before. However the problems are numerous, if you are using the internet space as a marketing forum you are competing with a market that is infinitely bigger than anything pre-Internet.

There was a time you could just place an advert in the local press and you would reach all of the people that were likely to be interested in your message in your area. Now this is pretty much impossible and not only that your competition is the rest of the world.

This is a problem which could destroy the economy of countries and is probably doing so already with the coup de grace coming with the algorithms that will take away many jobs; hopefully not yours. If you are flexible in your thinking to see that music teaches skills that have no definable outcome something which a computer cannot deal with you have a distinct advantage.

Ironically this problem leads me to putting something on the Internet as a membership forum to link musicians and artists together and create a market and a creative space in which they can work and hopefully generate some form of income.

I cannot see a positive outcome from the way that children are being educated at the moment; they need something to make them creative for the world that we are entering where movement between jobs and the learning of new things or the development of new ideas is imperative. This is a very real problem which seems to be almost unnoticed by the idiotic politicians that we have in this country and the United States who are making more of a system that does not work in the life cycle of the human but works well for the ticking a box world of the accountant.

So what lies beyond your knowledge? The world of the impossible, the one of dreams, Lewis Carroll’s thinking of six impossible things before breakfast.  All artistic projects start as ridiculous ideas, the dreams of the teenage budding rock star start as pipe dreams but somehow for the intrepid and the stubborn they become real. It seems that the drive magically reduces the statistical inevitability of failure. What lies within your knowledge is the fact that you do not stand a cat’s chance in hell of making it but outside of that in the world of the black swans and komodo dragons is the way of realising your liberation from ‘knowledge’. Once you have drunk from that well you know where it is roughly, so you can stumble on it again because like any topography that is unmarked things seem to move but the essence lures you back like Parsifal looking for the Grail Castle.

So start with the dream and by having the dream percolate in your thinking see what ripples come back from the edges of your mind bouncing off the hills of the strange outer world of consciousness. The place where music is formed, the Kashmir of dreams as sung about by Led Zeppelin. Places that change, sometimes illusive, strangely familiar but unpredictable, like Alice’s Wonderland.  Imagine what you could achieve with either the Red or White Queen on your side?

I feel a song coming on.

Vic three days of unleashing your inner rock god