A half heard thing George?

Nearly thirty years ago I was involved in a project with the son of Roger Moore, Geoffrey Moore. My band, Red Touch, were secconded into the project, with a few people being replaced mainly for political reasons. The band was very good but rather at odds with the zeitgeist of the moment which was two guys with funny hairdos playing keyboards.
It was here that I really honed my writing skills and a handful of numbers that I created at the time I still play, and were really pretty reasonable. This was due to the focus of a project backed by a management with record company interest, being paid to write songs is a good motivator.
I really got on well Geoff and he used to come over to my little cottage in Kent for tea with his then girlfriend, my girls were very young then and I think it was all a bit beyond them but they loved to see him along with Marie Chantelle (who is now married to the Prince of Greece, yes there is a prince of Greece). Geoff knew all of the celebrities from Sinatra to Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine to Jack Nicholson and he also knew George Michael.
The experience was rather bizarre of how the other half lived jetting about the world et cetera one of the strange events was after Geoff took some of our recordings to a party were George Michael was in attendance, the songs included one entitled Everyone Loves a Fool a jazzy ballad that I wrote for Geoff which really showed off his vocal skills as a crooner.
The band ran into a problem when Geoff was taken ill after the Christmas period and ended up in hospital in Beverly Hills. It all came crashing down over the next few months including an interview with his dad stating that Geoff had a drugs problem because of the band he was in which was rather sad because none of us had the money for any drugs even if we wanted to have a problem!

However the point of this is what happened about a year later when George Michael released Kissing a Fool it was so similar to my number, a jazz ballad in a similar tempo, similar groove and virtually the same title but what interested me was an interview that he did about the song and how it came about. The song apparently popped into his head while he was on a flight to America, of course those of you who do NLP will know that half heard things have real power to manifest as your idea as they pop out of your unconscious and I think this is what happened. I did not press the copyright issue for various reasons and I took it as a form of a compliment that one of my songs could do that. I would not say that they were exactly the same and I do not for one minute say that it was done deliberately but many of the recent copyright issues including Sam Smith’s copying of the Tom Petty song would classify in the same bracket of a half heard thing.
I am sorry to hear that George Michael has died during 2016 to add to the very long list of musicians and artists who have died this year, all I hope is that the Grim Reaper may now turn his attention to politicians, maybe that will be picked up as a half heard thing.
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