Do you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or sing?

Do you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards or sing?
This week sees the build up to another bluescamp at Tonbridge school in Kent.
The idea of the camp is to fast tarck people into playing in bands using the collective experience of pro players and teachers.
Throughout the time that we have run the camp we have used a format of getting people playing as much as possible and moving them out of their comfort zones. As this approach is so active, giving less time to think and less time to worry about things it moves people to discover their abilities without having the time for their belief systems to kick in.
Learning is faster when you are having fun and by getting players to create and jam with world class musicians we have found a great way to change someone's beliefs and paramiters of creativity.
There are a number of music summer schools that run in the UK and often they are based on the precept that they are going to show you 'how's it's done'. The problem with this, is that for a handful of participants it works well, these tend to be the people that are so good they dont need to attend a summer school leaving the majority feeling rather threatened because they are not up to their level.
The approach that we take at Bluescampuk is the journey starts wherever you are whatever the standard that you are!
Have fun and learn is the key............

Bluescamp UK is an annual weekend camp for Blues, Jazz and Rock music enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Over 3 days you will participate in performance classes, workshops and seminars with some of the UK’s leading music tutors – and they’ll take you to the next level in terms of confidence, skills and knowledge.
Bluescampuk 2012 is nearly upon us and we have to admit it has taken us slightly by surprise. Whilst we always have returning players this year we have a large percentage of new blood, not only from the UK but from Europe.
In this present economic climate this has reinforced that we must be doing something right. Tonbridge School have come up trumps again with a great package for us and are keen to maintain a long term relationship with us.
People who cannot make it this year have expressed their desire to attend next year. With this in mind we have secured the 9th, 10th and 11th August
2013 at Tonbridge School. If you are interested please drop us an email, there is no commitment by contacting us we would just like to gauge the interest.
For those of you attending this year we will be in contact again soon with an information pack. We have a few places left for this year so if you have any friends or family that may be interested please get them to contact us.