All you need is love

All you need is love

Over the last few weeks I have been going on about the need to be business like in the way that you approach business but this time I am going to readdress the balance and as with everything this outlook has to have its opposite.

So as the day needs the night I need to introduce to the equation of making a living from music that element of love. If you love what you do you can get anywhere because something that requires as much practise and hard work as music needs the devotion of love to get you through.

Watching the Olympics recently you could see this was the unspoken element that made these athletes great, the love of the sport and the willingness to sacrifice time and effort and to experience pain to get to the very top.

As with most things this idea is a metaphor for other aspects of life that you must love what you do to make things happen, it seems to be a given; so let us look at the element of love in this context.

I think that it is safe to say that love distorts reality making you think that the thing that you are in love with is the most beautiful and important thing in the world, in fact it is safer to say that all other objects move into the background and sometimes vanish in this state. Love is a form of hypnotic trance and in that state you can suspend the rules of reality and make things happen because you believe that you can.

An example in the case of music is the group of musicians who believe that their music is the most powerful or beautiful thing around and that they are the ONLY band worth listening to. If they looked at the statistics they would know they do not stand a cat’s chance in hell of getting anywhere but that logic fortunately slips into the mists of the trance.

Someone who believes in (and are obsessed with) an idea can develop a multi-billion dollar business with no formal training, they make a Microsoft, an Apple, a Virgin or a Google and when these things happen they confound the experts. This happened with Rock and Roll and Punk where the conceived wisdom was kicked out of the window by the passion and in the case of the former  lust for the music.

So go back and find what it is that made you fall in love with the instrument and compare this to other times of falling in love. Go into those memories and ‘double the feeling’ then bring them into your present and project them into your future visions.

Go out and spread the LUURV.