Making money from music.

Making money from music.
There are so many musical people who have great skills but with no idea how to monetise them. This is simply because the tools required for making money have nothing to do with music but all to do with business.
So let's strip it down; money in, money out, the more money in than out and you have an earner the other way round you don't. Next point, why is somebody interested in you? Well the short answer is they don't UNLESS you have something they want.
The oldest profession as the saying goes is prostitution and there it is, someone has something that someone desires and is willing to pay for. So take these ideas and apply them to your business and ask yourself, ‘Are your musical skills something that someone desires?’ If not can you make it something they desire?
In the way that music education seems to be pushed today is an academic, cold, intellectual path but I think that the reason for learning a musical instrument is visceral, passionate and full of driven desire to do something, if not you will not keep people practising. Players would fall by the wayside as things get difficult or other distractions get in the way unless they have the desire, you must tune into their dreams and aspirations if you are trying to teach and make money.
Another trick that teaching musicians miss is that to achieve something pupils  need more than lessons, they need equipment, the band needs coaching, people need managing in other words there is a bigger market beckoning you to be involved with in order for people to realise their dreams.
I have made a living from music for well over thirty years and I was originally told it was not possible and a crazy idea, also I had no formal college education as there was little available at the time. I learnt my trade from experience in the ‘University of Life’ so for you anything is possible.
In a nutshell the drivers for success in music are the same as any other business; it is about desire and supply and demand. Keep it simple and think like a business person not a hobbyist and then when you want to be an artist do not think like a business person!

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