Political medling in Education and Health

On listening to the various reports from the party political conferences over the past few weeks what struck me was the amount of ideas that seemed to be there for the sake of it.

The problem with politicians is they want to make their mark by changing things even if something is working on some level. There is a fixation that there is a perfect solution, well maybe there is not; maybe something that empowers people would be better.

The amount of money that has been wasted in reorganising the NHS and the education system in this country is truly staggering and probably would have been better spent in other ways but somehow this wastage of tax payers’ money is covered by a veneer of statistics that hide the waste.

We are getting to a point where people are disillusioned with politics, as shown in voter numbers, we need another way. I am not sure what, but maybe start with government getting out of like education and health. This is a tall order because on the face of it they should be involved however where do you draw the line between the national interest and the prestige of politics which is all too evident in the ‘ let us make some policy changes’ fiasco.

The cuts in funding the arts is causing very serious problems for musicians incomes around the world and although this may create innovation because necessity is the Mother of Invention you still need to pay the bills will you are inventing.

In the world of teaching is there is an opportunity in the alternative view that education is about opening the mind and not just ticking boxes and that music maybe one of the few ways of achieving that. Let’s face it there are many that want to do music and it is not being fully satisfied at school.

I also see an opportunity to ride that wave of discontent in the music that is written and performed which takes us back to elements of the 60’s and 70’s a useful back-lash to X factor and politics I think