Government reforms in Education and in the NHS

Government reforms in Education and in the NHS

A few weeks ago I was playing a charity function for a local Hospice and the band were just killing time as the show was running late; it gave us a chance to have a chat which we don’t really do very often.

The band is made up of professional people and they are the group that feature in my book ‘Notes on Business’. The conversation had wondered onto the subject of the education system interestingly not because of me but the vocalist started complaining about the problems with the latest raft of meddling from the government.

The bass player who is a pediatric specialist started talking about the NHS and he quoted a figure that in his words the government had ‘wasted’ on NHS reforms; the figure was a jaw dropping with the current reorganisation costing somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5 billion pounds.

In the last thirty years there have been at least fifteen major structural changes in the NHS. Even if we take the lowest of the estimates for the cost of the latest reorganisation, and assume the previous were less far reaching, so each cost on average say, £500 million, that's still at least £10 billion in thirty years, with no evidence of any long term gain for the patients.

I suppose it is good to know that it is not only education that the government waste money reorganising.