Which came first the chicken or the egg? Answer, the dinosaur.

Often we get into a state of circular thinking where one situation is linked to another and vice versa, one perpetuating another or even precluding another; you are unable to move on without breaking the circle.
In such situations the answer lies outside of that loop as in the case of the chicken and the egg, whose answer if you go back far enough was the dinosaur but it is also a lateral thinking answer as well.
An example of one of these loops is the belief that someone is not musical and therefore they are not able to develop their abilities because they are not musical. How do you get good at playing a musical instrument if you first do not believe that you are able to become good enough? The fact is that EVERYOONE is musical and when I say musical and do not mean being able to play the guitar like someone else because that is mimicry. We can all speak but we do not all impersonate other people like a Rory Bremner or a John Sessions.
The deeper that one studies thought the stranger it becomes especially when you factor in hypnotic language patterns in the media which are influencing you, as well as the strange effect played by food and drink on your mind; the research into funguses and bacteria really make you wonder who is doing the thinking (I will return to this another time).
Breaking circular thinking requires us to hold an idea outside of the loop which is why lateral thinking can be effective as we are made to stand outside of the circle and look in.
There is a Buddhist quote about thoughts being clouds floating across the sky of the mind. If you take that analogy further clouds are formed by things that are not clouds, sea, wind, thermal currents, water vapour, heat etc. SO, our thoughts might be ‘created’ by forces outside of our own minds? When you change your belief patterning you become open to other influences creating new thermals and weather patterns to create new clouds of consciousness. For us the trick is to nudge these in the direction of travel that we desire.
Pattern breaking is what makes a great artist, Picasso, Hendrix, Miles Davis and Paganini where not great because they copied others they were great because they were different, something not encouraged in education where conformity is the pattern.
Be yourself. Break circular patterns that do not help you and remember that music in one form or another was here before the dinosaurs. Oh very deep.

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