You are only a few steps away….

At Bluescampuk this year we had a number of guests visit and jam with the campers
Chas Hodges came down on the Friday as did a good friend and session bass player Chis Dagger.
Chas played through lots of old rock and roll material with the attendees and also played through some of his hits finishing with London Girls. Chris Dagger came down so he could jam with Chas as he has been a fan of Chas and Dave for years.
Chris is currently working with Lianne La Havas and had just returned from a tour of America before playing at Glastonbury. After Bluescampuk Chris went home and we received a text saying ‘got in and Lianne is on the phone to Prince as he is in town.’
One of the things that we like to get across to the campers is that you are so close to what you believe is impossible you just have to change your beliefs and the world will change. By getting close to others and then making connections we then bring their connections closer, this is the principle of the Six degrees of separation that Milgram proposed back in the 60’s where you are only six connections away from anyone.
Maybe this is due to the choices we make or maybe because we have different filters set up we then see new opportunities to achieve what we now believe is possible just by changing your ideas and then asking and making contacts.
Later in the evening Chris sent another text saying ‘Just borrowed and jacket and shoes from a stranger and managed to get into a private club. Just chillin with Prince.’ So maybe borrowing clothing may be good as well.

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