The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money. Karl Marx

Maybe this could be said of musicians because great music and art often comes from those that are hungry, angry and driven by a passionate belief. Very rarely does great art come from one looking to make lots of money.
I have been preparing for a couple of projects that are coming up, one of these is the course making money from music and the other is a gig that I am doing with two good friends and great musicians which is mostly improvised.
In the first of these I am looking to help those musicians to get the balance between the money making and the creating and making the crossover, the twilight zone where both can happen. For me it is all about the attitude that you need to make money, get the attitude right and it functions as a successful business and that puts food on the table, BUT to make great art and music you need to be driven by desire and passion and not by money therefore you also need projects that are not focused on the money but on the creativity. That is not to say that these projects will not eventually lead to financial reward but that is not the driver and I do have a couple of interesting techniques to make things happen (you will need to come along for those).
The second of these is playing with musicians who can read one another and that is pure magic but of course you need to sell tickets to pay everyone. The focus then is on the experience of the crowd, the fact that they will see something very special, people who will take a song and create something different and because the musicians are on the very edge and pushing that edge the members of the audience if they are learning music get the chance to study this and bring that into their own experience of playing. However the players are doing it for the fun of the playing and the danger of it all going wrong and going right!