Zen and the art of cheese making

I learn to make cheese the other day. It is like alchemy, you take these ingredients and they become something else; true magic.

I do these things because I am always exploring the nature of creativity; it gives me insights into the magic of music and the human spirit. This I have always believed has given me a different perspective to the other teachers around me and when I watch some of my past pupils play, whether it is with local bands or famous artists I can see that they have found the magic, the holy grail of their creativity.

I cannot however  teach that stuff, they have to find it for themselves but I can help them to find where to look and that is something that all the crazy things that I have done has helped me to understand.

All of the things that we do as humans expresses what we are as beings and the Zen masters understood this hence you can as a spiritual practice sweep the floor, prepare food, do the washing, play a musical instrument or make cheese. 

So let me suggest that the next time that you teach someone to play the guitar you are setting them on a road to liberation. No pressure then.