“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu

What a good time to review where you are going and reflect. Tacking upwind to deal with the changing the weather patterns to get to your destination. Question is, have you a destination or are you just being blown about by the winds of other people’s thoughts?

So how do we make the changes? Well first of all where are you heading? Let us say that we need to increase business, get more people in; how many and from where?

Once you know how many and who they are, can you see them in your head? This all helps to alert the unconscious to look and see the opportunity that you would have previously missed.  I use this system for teaching music as it connects with the unconscious and bypasses the intellect. The imagination helps to process large amounts of information and for the creative process it helps to mitigate the negative effects of the conscious mind. When we hear the music in our head it will come out of your fingers; see the musicians playing in your head and you can alter the dynamics of the parts that you are playing.

Imagination helps us to find a new direction, once we have the outcome in our minds the unconscious will flag up the opportunities. Ok you have to trust this process it is a bit like learning the guitar, if you keep telling yourself you cannot do this and you are not good enough, talented enough or just that it does not work for you, you will fail. So make a plan, work back from the picture and see what happened before and then before that till you reach what you have to do today; then do it.

So instead of looking back we should look forward and set a challenge for the New Year. May I wish you all the very best for your plans.




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