Let us look at the clever indoctrination in history and think again.

I learnt that Nelson won the battle of Trafalgar; the Duke of Wellington beat Napoleon at Waterloo; the Duke of Marlborough won the battle of Blenheim and so on. History is littered with great men (mostly) doing great things. The great men of history were aristocrats, interesting! The truth is they would not have got very far without an army or navy manned by the VERY special ingredient, ORDINARY people.
Ordinary people have been written out of history just in the same way they are being written out of the education plans. Ordinary people have an extraordinary ability overlooked by history and the current education system, they can learn incredible skills WHEN they are motivated and that is my point, where is the motivation in being told consistently that you are not good enough?
We have an education system being pissed around with by a dick from a public school with someone in charge of Ofsted who appears either to have OCD or is a sociopath and everyone has to do what he says. ‘We should be more like the Chinese, Japanese and Indonesians’; apparently they are better than us. I am interested in the deeper meaning of this, of the masses working so hard that many young people in places like Japan under the pressures of expectation commit suicide.
In my opinion we should be like ourselves and to point out how brilliant our ordinary people can be read the Putney debates from the 17th century when the foot soldiers of the New Model Army discussed how the political system could work. Remember these people were left out of history overshadowed by Oliver Cromwell and King Charles! You realise that these simple people were brilliant thinkers, as are we today. 
The idea that we should be more like the Chinese might be a good idea in some ways however because they rose up and disposed of their leaders, so Mr Gove and Mr Wilshaw beware of what you wish for.
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