Learn to bake.

‘Learn to bake bread; you cannot provide good education on a bad diet. Head, heart and hands is what education should be not the three R's. Transformation happens through the hands so every school should have a permaculture garden. Have dignity for the ones that are working with their hands they are really creating something. Start your own job; ask ‘where is your education vocation?’ Money should be the slave, you should be master.’ Satish Kumar.

Paul McKenna remarked a few years ago that school was not about education it was about conformity and I at the time agreed with this; over the years it has just become a lot worse.

The problem is the balance between learning new things but not losing sight that learning is really about opening the mind and this often requires us to think radically about what we take as a given.

Experts are not fonts of wisdom; they are only resources of knowledge, which is different. Knowledge has the problem of application and also runs the risk of being out of date. It is one thing to have the knowledge that a tomato is a fruit but having the wisdom not to put it in a fruit salad. Wisdom is the realm of the unconscious and therefore lies outside of the realm of measuring and controlling, it is by nature ethereal and formless however it often manifests itself through creating and that creating will need knowledge but the conclusion of the creating is wisdom of how, what, why and where.

By equipping people to create and use their abilities to then sell and build businesses we will give the public a way of developing themselves, building self-esteem which is something the education system often ruins for many. Self-belief is a very important tool for mental wellbeing and health in society something that is not being properly addressed.

What a great way for children to learn about themselves and the world and be able to go out and make something happen that is truly beneficial for society.


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