We have to say goodbye to Monsieur Descartes

We have to say goodbye to Monsieur Descartes and see the world as an interdependent whole. We have to go beyond the idea of self-interest embrace the idea of mutual interest, reciprocity and interdependence.

Satish Kumar


Music whether in performance or teaching needs other people, we may spend many hours honing our skills on our own but it needs others for it to happen. Music needs an audience and it needs surroundings; it is about context and it is about transmitting to others creating oneness with all things within earshot.

As Satish puts it, the whole of western thinking for the last three hundred years have been tainted by the Frenchmen’s ideas. Science rests on this idea of separateness, look at how medicine isolates the problem and does not look at the holistic questions. Also the concept of the dominance of humans on the planet is leading us to a very dark place whose true identity will not be revealed until it is too late.

Whether it is playing to others, teaching people to play or creating music for others to play it is a form of society and group bonding that happens with music. Sometimes it takes a while for young musicians to come to this realisation that the music they create is for others but when they do that is when they truly become musicians.

Music and Art reflects exactly what we need in the rest of our lives in that we are in the same boat as one another and the same boat as the rest of nature, and if we do not realise this it is not just about the extinction of the Rhino and the Elephant it will be us. So maybe it is for the musician and artist to create something human and global maybe for people to link together to create music on the net with no composer just a collective.

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