Business training from music

Music is the perfect way of exploring team building and creative ideas that are either contained within parameters such as in blues or not, as in jazz or simplistic as in pop music or complex as in classical music.
For ideas to flourish in business we need to be able to explore these areas to innovate but also to be able to see how structure can be applied to the ideas as we do in musical genres for them to be contained and be functional. Also music projects emotional values and this is an aspect that business has toyed with but often failed to accomplish such as ‘the caring bank....’
Great music has emotional resonance and it lasts for decades speaking to different generations because it is still relevant emotionally. Music is inherent because it is language and therefore it is a metaphor for many things such as creative thinking, generating ideas and team work.
Putting a band together is an exercise in social engineering and much can be learnt by the business world from the world of music in how to blend egos and creative temperaments.