People who are too busy.

Most of the world's troubles seem to come from people who are too busy. If only politicians and scientists were lazier how much happier we would be. - Evelyn Waugh

Politicians have to prove why they are needed by changing things like the education syllabus and the NHS. These changes cost millions and for no real benefit because if they worked they would only make one change but this is not the case it is a constant happening.
The belief in religion is now the belief in science and to question it is a modern heresy but nothing in the philosophy and thinking of man has taken us to the edge of destruction in the way that science has.
The philosophy of economic growth needs to change; perhaps we need other markers like happiness and wellbeing. Here is the point that all artists know, happiness comes from expressing what is within not by acquiring stuff. Unfortunately that does not fit well on a balance sheet or a flow chart and as the society is ruled by the markers of the accountant we carry on in the same old way with the politicians being busy changing things and the scientists finding new ways of making us busy often paid by big business because at the end of the day he who pays the piper calls the tune.
All truths start as a blasphemy.