The road to excess leads to a palace of wisdom - William Blake

Blake was one of this land’s great visionaries and revolutionaries, his mystical paintings and poetry and his above quote is full of ambiguity and intrigue.

The artist often is blamed for excess and profanity either because of life style and life choices of excess in drugs, drink and a life of anarchistic expression. Even the amount one has to practice to become skilled at an instrument is excessive and beyond the capability of ‘ordinary folk’.

A number of years ago my life lead me into an interest in Ayurveda which is the traditional health and wellbeing system of India and in one of the ideas of keeping healthy is based on food and balancing what you eat matched to your body energy. However one thing that was said that every now and again you should shake your body up by not following the routine and doing something VERY different break the rules and then go back and into balance again.  

In times of shaking up that is where we discover ourselves; we learn to be brave, we learn to see the things we missed, and we learn to draw from the deep wells of ourselves.

Where else would our music come from?