I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it. – Albert Einstein

I would like to paraphrase this quote by saying  ‘I like to think that the music is there even though I am not listening for it’.
Sometimes when I am playing the guitar I get the feeling that the most incredible ideas are there just out of reach and occasionally like some celestial butterfly it lands on me. The more I try to catch this butterfly the more it eludes me.
Over the years I have reflected on the Taoist idea of going with the flow, the idea that if one is soft therein lies the strength, if one just follows the wave you can ride the surf and the surfing analogy of the wave is good here; there is no surfing without catching the wave, you do not make the wave by trying hard.
Einstein’s idea that our consciousness effects ‘reality’ may hold something that the sages and mystics of the past have stated about the nature of reality, and that I feel gives us a doorway to these musical ideas that are floating about in the ether.
I have found it more effective to put myself into a space where the ideas move freely without my conscious ‘trying’ but more my ‘dreaming’ and that seems to take me somewhere very different, like sitting under a bush of flowers covered in butterflies whilst wearing a floral shirt. Suddenly the butterfly ideas seem to want to land.
So whether you want to ideas to just exist or whether you want them to flow though you then you have to hold them in your awareness. So one extra thought here, what about the fearful, negative thoughts that we hold so firmly, what are they doing to us?