The Elephant of Death

I have been interested in the work of Stephan Jenkinson about death and dying; the process is something that this society has tried to sanitise and professionalise to the detriment of ourselves.

His point of view is that it leads to serious problems for society and us as individuals because it is the elephant in the room that will eventually sit on you.

When it does everyone will be surprised, especially you but that is what this particular elephant does and it will not be unfair when it does.

What I find personally interesting is the state of mind that develops when you embrace your mortality, it does paradoxically give your life value and beauty because it will end.

The Homeric statement that the gods envy us because we are mortal just like a beautiful flower that is more beautiful because it will not last comes to mind. The ancient stories and some modern stories deal with the idea of death whether to face of it or the becoming of it as the important aspect of the story. Death acting as a catalyst or doorway is integral in the ancient initiations of the Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans.

This post is not meant to be morbid on the contrary it is life affirming it is a wakeup call to get to it and live.

I believe that musicians who feel their mortality are much greater for it, remember that Hendrix foretold his own death as did John Lennon; we do not need to be able to do that we just need to make friends with the elephant.