Getting uncomfortable

I spend a lot of time looking and attending courses and festivals to give me ideas for Bluescampuk and seeing if there are new ways of making the experience exciting.
I have just returned from something which was more ceremonial in the hills of Wales and this experience was interesting for me because I felt totally out of my depth. I was in a group that seemed to have done it before so that feeling of uncertainty and the feeling of ‘why am I here’ which I know many people experience when doing something new really hit me.
I have always felt that the feeling of uncertainty for me always precedes a learning moment I have even got the point as looking for this as the marker that confirms that something needs to be looked at.
I have reached the point in my life that things that are comfortable are not really transformational events and that feeling of fear and uncertainty is what I need marking it as being out of my comfort zone.
I know that a lot of people experience this feeling when doing music examinations and it may be a good way of explaining why a challenge like this is good for them.