I am running a school where you are not obliged to know stuff or be an expert. It is more about being able to wonder and to learn a little, and that is all that a life needs. - Steven Jenkinson.

Ah if only this was the attitude that people had when they stared to learn music, finding themselves through exploring sound and playing and the joy of working with others understanding that mind reading is not as science would say nonsense but something that musicians do all of the time.
Art comes from the dreamlike world of the unconscious which does not require paper qualifications and recommendations of the halls of academe but the attention of the ordinary people that you have something to say or something to teach.
Music is the expression of life and its weirdness and its love and its pain, nothing to do with measurement or repeatable scientific research; that is for the people in white coats.
I have often pondered that if J K Rowling had written about a young scientist who had gone to a special school to fulfil his destiny whether she would have had such a success in her writing? I would say not.
So let us embrace the people that make us feel good whether they have qualifications or not and here is to sticking a finger or two up to the accountants who want to measure and the scientists who want to dissect everything and then wonder why it is dead.


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