Laziness on the curriculum

I am currently preparing for some corporate training and NLP programmes, digging through books and just sitting thinking about the things to be covered, I have been reflecting on music, society, education and us.
Most of the time I go around in some form of robotic state and this trance state does my driving, teaching, eating and many other functions but what I have noticed is that state does not do song writing and guitar practice, if anything it stops me and that is something I need to change in my life.
The only reason I find for this is creativity is something that happens when I am totally relaxed and have nothing to do, in other words in my idleness zone.  So idleness is one of the things that I need to embrace and find for myself otherwise nothing will change for me.
The other state that I find useful and again one much maligned is the state of naivety, without it one would never do anything because the odds are so stacked against you why bother.
In the past naivety has helped me become a guitarist, helped me play gigs that I will think about as real achievements in my life and taken me to life experiences that shaped me; if I thought about those things first they would never have happened.
So let us include laziness into the school curriculum so that daydreaming will develop the creative trance and let us do it in a state of total naivety so that children and adults can believe anything and in that blissful state open the mind to the possibilities of new ideas set apart from the ideas of society that restrict.