Pre sort clients.

A few years ago I came across a company that used some unusual techniques for marketing.

They started as a carpet cleaning company in America or Canada but their techniques were so effective they took the ideas and franchised them out to other carpet cleaners and then started to teach the marketing ideas to other industries.

The company called itself Piranha Marketing because the idea was to 'eat the competition alive'. Some of their ideas had been taken from other business sectors but they had managed to take them up a gear or two.

One of these ideas was how to pre sort the enquiries so that only the ones of use to you contact you for a booking, thus saving you time and money on unnecessary enquiries.

The idea behind this was novel it was by using a long pre recorded phone message giving all the details of your business. I believe that this was a good idea and by giving a prepaid number no one was too bothered about how long the message was.

The idea was to inform the customer about the business and why they should choose you and not someone else. By the end of the call the 'hot' prospects were leaving their details but the time wasters had already hung up.

We often spend money in the wrong place when we advertise; aiming at the wrong people so even when you get people interested they are often the people who you don't want anyway.

These ideas were pre internet so another way of doing this would be to put something on YouTube that clearly marks out why you are the best and why someone should choose you so by the end of the film they can phone you so leave the details then.

Remember that you will need to leave the details on your site about the YouTube film and make sure that people visit there before they contact you by offering a special deal.

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