Grief Molting.

 If you’re a singer and need to make songs, make a different song energized by your being alive again after your grief molting. If you’re a painter, paint, if you’re a dancer, dance if you are a farmer, plant. Just don’t assume you can use what you sincerely sent to the sea, for that is sending it all to the market.
Grief is a form of generosity; which praises life and the people and situations which we have lost. – Martin Prechtel.

The act of making music is a deep movement in the ocean of our consciousness or at least it should be. Music expressed by the great artists is exactly that this is the thing that marks out the musician from the technician.
The colleges are turning out lots of technicians and now the Chinese are getting in on Western music (at the moment Classical) we can multiply one hundred fold the numbers of great technicians.
The true artist is the one that expresses grief and as Martin Prechtel says it is a generosity and a praise of life. Now listen to the songs of Amy Winehouse, Billy Holiday, Bessie Smith and the bluesmen and feel the power; that is what we need to aspire to not just the development of technique that does not give us our true voice, technique is just mimicry.
Technique is nothing but a toolkit and a great carpenter is not great because of his tools it just makes it easier for them to be great.  So be very careful to keep connected to the emotional power that drives you and always make the tools be your servant not your master.
Now listen to the latest pop music and decide who the master is.
Vic three days of music, discover what you can do.