For education creativity is a dark art.

The focus of today’s education seems to be to change one focus away from the arts and on to the sciences,  as a guitar teacher and educator in creative thinking this is become a concern to me.

Over the past few months it has become obvious that pupils and parents have changed their attitude. There has been a general fear of missing any time from academic lessons even for 20 minutes to half an hour a week in order to learn a musical instrument. If they only knew what goes on in the course of a day at school where there are obvious moments where the teaching day is disrupted because of illness and lessons being covered by other teachers or just down time because of some other event like children misbehaving.

I know through personal experience of the 40 years of teaching and playing the guitar, artistic subjects activate areas of the brain which are virtually untouched in academic learning. However the government guidelines to things such as not taking any time off for holidays during the term time has meant parents have become terrified of their children falling behind in academic lessons.

Also statements like ‘we should be like the Chinese, we should work much harder as do other countries children’ this is fine if you want to make them into a number of robots. I have no problem with somebody wanting to be a scientist or engineer if they want to, but trying to turn people who are artistically inclined that way seems to be quite ridiculous.

To me it looks like education targets are being set by the accountants of the world of education with their tick box mentality in order to the next stupid ideology in order to win an arms race of education against other countries.

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