Food for thought

A few months ago we saw we saw an article about a café in Brighton which was using food due to be thrown away because it was after its best by date. The café takes the food makes it into meals which they then sell by donation. They were crowd funding to find a permanent residence for the café which currently is open one day a week at a church in the city. We pledged a small amount of money to help with the project.

Last week Sue and I went and paid a visit to the church to have a look at how the project was running we met with the organizer Adam who showed us some of the food that was being used and we stayed for lunch. There must have been two hundred  people come in for lunch when they opened the doors and it was all sorts from the homeless to  students and people like myself who realized that this was the best value for money café in the whole Brighton. Lunch was amazing, but what really stayed with me was the discussion that I had with Adam at the beginning when he was telling me how they get the food.

When they first started they would go through the bins of supermarkets collecting anything that had been thrown away but now they have established contacts with the supermarkets who now supply them. But what was truly shocking was the food banks, because of legislation were throwing away massive amounts of foodstuffs such as tinned food that was more than three months old obviously tinned food can last for years but such is the ridiculousness of the wastage due to the capitalist system and the law, where people are starving out on the streets, food is going to landfill.

This idea of wastage in the system is not confined to just the food industry, local councils waste extraordinary amounts of money because of ridiculous bureaucracy and National Health Service waste money because of ridiculous laws passed by governments who want to make their mark.

The Bluescamp project is supporting the café by putting on a concert at the church during March of next year, to us this is something that is an incredibly important aspect of community, where some people are so willing to help and donate their time to such a worthy cause adding a bit of music to their promoting may help in some small way to highlight the work. I have placed beneath the website please check it out.

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