Happiness is playing music; with others.

It seems that whenever I meet new people and they asked me what I do, they then tell me that they have a guitar or they used to play guitar but had to stop because they had a family and life got in the way, now they wished that they could start again.

Some of them romanticise about the times that they played in a band or they think about the guitar that they sold and all of them lament the fact that if they had carried on playing they would be really good by now.

One of the sad things in today’s world is that people spend many years training to do a job, going to university getting into debt only to find the job that they have secured through all their hard work they hate.

It does not bring them any happiness, the money might be useful but with the increase of the money coming in there is also an increase of the money going out.

I teach in a number of public schools and when you add up the cost of the two expensive cars the school fees for the children and the expensive house and the expensive holidays which they need in order to deal with the stress of the job that they do not like, they could easily afford to have a happier life by cutting back and focusing on the things that truly give them happiness.

The problem is that once you get used to a lifestyle and the rest of the family get used to your income then it is very difficult to extricate yourself from it. Sometimes your body does it for you by making you ill if you don’t heed those warnings the illness gets more serious.

So let’s do something about it, find some time to jam and have fun meeting other people, this could be an open mike night or could just be getting together with a few friends and making a bit of a noise. Think yourself back a little bit to when music really gave you happiness, invoke those memories and get some joy back into your life.

You begin to realise that many things that were told throughout your life were lies, like how important science and maths were to the detriment of the arts. You were taught that many things were so important but your life experience has told you otherwise because after learning them you never used again; like finding the area of rhombus or calculating the value of X and Y.

So use social media if you haven’t got enough friends who play, make new contacts by asking around and start a ban, book a gig and have some fun.


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