Setting up as a teacher, What Why and How...


We are in very strange times, good for opportunity and change but also for uncertainty about where the economy is going and jobs.

If you have a skill in this case music and if you are looking to earn more than the first place to look is at what you can do with it.

Also it is advisable to list all the other skills that you have either soft or hard.


 I believe that the world of employment will change to be unrecognisable in the next few years because of disruptive technologies and this will affect the middle class professionals in ways that were not foreseeable a short while ago and we need to be able to use the creative aspect of music because this will be an area that will be required.

There is a lateral shift here but in a nut shell we need people who can think the impossible because that is where technology will take us and I am saying that because that is what it has already done so more of the same really.

And the way to learn this lateral ability is through the arts and music is the easiest way into this for the mind in my opinion and for the purposes of this blog.


Just start networking and maybe start teaching, song writing, and playing small gigs in people’s houses, in restaurants at parties, clubs or festivals. Do not wait until you are perfect there is no such thing just start and develop. Get things on the YouTube, remember that your recorded music may not make any money but it might get you work.

The set of videos are about getting started as a guitar teacher, however the same applies to any teaching so have a listen if you want to make some money and make a start.

The set of videos are here